Here are four things we admire about Angry Birds (and attributes we strive to share!)

  1. Their diversity makes them far stronger: Launch a Bird, then tap to see what it can do. Dropping bombs, using jet power or becoming a scatter gun are just a few of their individual talents. Even the small red Birds deliver punch when correctly aimed and launched. Combined, they are unbeatable.
  2. They are unrelenting in their pursuit: the Birds will launch over and over again in an attempt to vanquish their competition. (Yes, the thieving Pigs are competition!) The Birds may stumble, they will get bruised—they sacrifice—always keeping the end goal in mind. They know a series of short term wins can add up to a huge victory in the long run when they’re strategically, intentionally woven together.
  3. The Birds are fired up and focused: We love how the Birds waiting for their turn are hopping up and down, chirping excitedly, ready to take on the challenge. They cheer for each other. And though the challenges grow progressively tougher, the Birds don’t waver. They are high-energy, and ready to advance.
  4. They make every move count: The Birds are never stingy. They always give their best effort every time. Enough said.
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