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Academy of Culture Ambassadors Retreat: Personal Branding Workshop
Monday 03 October 2022, 04:00pm - 05:00pm
Contact Gerald Wagner, PhD This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many people understand the concept of a consumer brand, but few have taken the time to consider how to apply branding principles to themselves. In this interactive session, participants will learn:

— the 5 key attributes of a successful brand
— how to apply those attributes to themselves—and why it’s essential that they do
— ways to uncover their own personal brand that’s both authentic and aspirational

Attendees will come away with actionable ways to nurture and build their own personal brand

Location Aksarban Village • Omaha, Nebraska
For more information or to register for the entire retreat: https://cultureambassadorsretreat.com/
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