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How customer complaints became a brand's badge of honor

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This is a social media case study of Ryanair. If you're not familiar with them, buckle up. It's not just their planes that have "firm" ("hard") landings.

For example, should brands taunt customers who complain? Test your knowledge...

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What Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Can Teach Marketers About Customer Experience

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A Marketing Mastermind

“What if I told you none of it was accidental?"

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Upside down and inside out: 5 ways to inject more creativity and innovation into your organization

exercise your brain for innovation copyWhile many people say they want to be more innovative and solve problems better, they tend to get stuck in comfortable routines. Alas, a comfortable brain quickly becomes a lazy brain. In this new year, resolve to put your brain on an exercise regimen and find new power in your ideas.

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3 Rules of Improv for Amazing Customer Service

bees photographed by Ante Hamersmit

Customers can be rude. Demanding. Short-tempered. The post-pandemic world has created a new host of irritable people who are the bane of customer-facing employees. Emerging from the confines of the pandemic, these customers are like an angry swarm of bees on a mission to get their way, even if they have to sting a few people to do it.

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20 Questions to ask when you need strategy instead of tactics

daria durand Noise unsplash cropped copyIn the day-to-day rush, it’s easy to get dazzled by new, shiny ideas. Business leaders can find themselves asking, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a new video?” or plunging headlong into planning a special event with lots of glitz—without asking how success will be measured and if the effort will move the company toward its goals.

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Friction leads to frustration: 3 simple fixes to improve customer experience

shiny car serge kutuzov nm unsplashMarketers polish their brands to a high gloss shine. Every word, color and font carefully honed to perfection. When marketing works effectively, leads are generated and new customers come in the door, call or go to your website.

But these victories won’t do you any good if the customer experience falls short.

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Dear Valued Customer

Woman sitting in front of laptop computer with drawings of eyes covering her real eyes"Dear Valued Customer,"

I recently received an email with this salutation from a company where I spent a significant amount of money about two years ago. They wanted to see if I needed more of their services. They even referenced a survey that I had “recently” filled out—but actually had done more than a year ago.

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Packaging is a preview of your brand

Moo sticker 1They say good things come in small packages, but a recent experience indicates that good experiences come wrapped in branded packaging. And we all know that good—and better yet, great—customer experiences lead to loyalty, trust and repeat purchases.

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Target better and crush your marketing goals

orange crushed canEveryone should buy my product,” is the answer we often hear from both startups and seasoned marketers when we ask about their target audiences. But marketers rarely have enough time and  budget to market effectively to everyone. Here’s 6-step method to crush your marketing goals with smarter targeting.

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Burn notice: marketing intelligence from fabled spies

640px Burn Notice logo.svgThe television series Burn Notice features a spy, a retired Navy SEAL and a former IRA operative working together as unlikely do-gooders rescuing underdogs and making bad guys quake in their boots. While the characters run full-tilt into danger (like most reasonable people won’t) they offer lessons every marketer should take to heart.

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