Transformotion box teaser winter copy 2 Introducing TRANSFORMOTION™ in a Box, our subscription-based program designed to take your brain off its leash and let it expand in new ways.




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Big innovations? A culture shift in your organization? Important changes aren't fulfilled by a committee meeting. Or by doing nothing.

TRANSFORMOTION™ is designed to lead you into groundbreaking problem solving. Each box can be used as:

  • an intensive personal mini-retreat
  • a once-a-week habit builder

Or buy multiple boxes for a group workshop.

What’s inside

  • 5-8 specially curated hands-on multi-sensory items
  • a  workbook with our specially developed exercises to focus your thinking
  • a playlist that inspires


  • CEOs, COOs, entrepreneurs and other senior level leaders working on new initiatives
  • Marketing and communications managers who want to inject new creativity and thinking into their  departments
  • Anyone who wants to be more innovative

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Put something transformative into motion. When you subscribe to TRANSFORMOTION, you will receive an experiential package once each quarter containing hand-selected items that stimulate your senses and your mind—sight, taste, sound and aroma, combined with materials to work both sides of your brain.


Individual box: $75 + priority shipping and handling

Subscription (4 boxes): $300 includes free priority shipping and handling 


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