• Test kitchen for irresistible brand ideas

    Cookies and big ideas are tempting to brandersAs branders, the temptation to embrace a new trend can be as irresistible as that second (or third) Girl Scout cookie. It’s always a good idea to stay attention-getting. It’s also vital to be a steward of the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

    Before your team succumbs to temptation, here’s a 1-2-3 checklist to help evaluate before you indulge.

  • The infrastructure of your company starts with culture

    Infrastructure for Brands is Culture MB PilandOften unseen, corporate culture is your essential power supply that keeps everything moving full speed ahead. And like technicians who conduct an energy audit, or engineers who design bridges, you need to ensure your organization is fit from the inside out.

    Here are three ways to ensure your infrastructure supports a powerful future.

  • Time flies: use it or lose it

    Photo of retro neon sign with winged roller skate and the word SKATELAND above a brick skating rinkIn recent years, being busy, overworked and sleep-deprived has become a badge of honor. Ask how they’re doing at a cocktail party or a Zoom meeting, and inevitably, people proudly reply, “I am so busy.” Or they just answer emphatically, “BUSY!”

    And especially in times of crisis, these same people feel ashamed to say they have down time or that they took some time away.

  • Upside down and inside out: 5 ways to inject more creativity and innovation into your organization

    exercise your brain for innovation copyWhile many people say they want to be more innovative and solve problems better, they tend to get stuck in comfortable routines. Alas, a comfortable brain quickly becomes a lazy brain. In this new year, resolve to put your brain on an exercise regimen and find new power in your ideas.

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