Cheers to you for taking our health check. That means you're not OK with business as usual. (We're not, either.)

Answer yes or no to these questions:

  1. Is our business plan (at least a summary) readily available to employees online or in printed form?
  2. Are we asking for meaningful individual contributions to reaching our goals?
  3. Do we have an annual employee meeting or retreat to share benchmarks and results?
  4. Do we send out updates to our employees at least quarterly?
  5. Can we share updates in multiple media: online, printed, special events, etc. to accommodate different learning styles?
  6. Do we have multiple locations? If so, do we have strong intra-office sharing and collaboration tools?
  7. Is HR able to articulate our purpose and vision when they're recruiting?
  8. Do we have orientation procedures that include our purpose and vision?
  9. Do we have a "here's how we do it" handbook—not just an employee manual?
  10. Is our purpose part of our everyday conversations?
  11. Do employee performance reviews include evaluations of how they're executing on the purpose?
  12. Do our board members get a job description that emphasizes our brand beliefs and purpose?
  13. Can board members readily tell others about our purpose and why they're part of the organization?
  14. Do they?

Count your YES answers:

  • 12-14: SUPER - we want to interview you for a blog piece.
  • 7-11: Not tragic, but you're a bit flabby in spots. Time to kick it up a notch
  • 3-6: You've got a long list of exercises ahead. Don't wait for New Years resolutions.
  • 1-2: It's time for an intervention and CPR.

No matter your score, we'd love the chance to talk with you about how to serve up some cold, refreshing Kool-Aid and convert lukewarm people into some raving fans.

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MB Piland Advertising + Marketing: Health Check