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  • Burn notice: marketing intelligence from fabled spies

    640px Burn Notice logo.svgThe television series Burn Notice features a spy, a retired Navy SEAL and a former IRA operative working together as unlikely do-gooders rescuing underdogs and making bad guys quake in their boots. While the characters run full-tilt into danger (like most reasonable people won’t) they offer lessons every marketer should take to heart.

  • Target better and crush your marketing goals

    orange crushed canEveryone should buy my product,” is the answer we often hear from both startups and seasoned marketers when we ask about their target audiences. But marketers rarely have enough time and  budget to market effectively to everyone. Here’s 6-step method to crush your marketing goals with smarter targeting.

  • Up, up and away: virtual retreat HOW-TOs for blue skies ahead

    employee retreat up up and awayThe new year is sure to be filled with opportunity if we plan. Yes, I said it. If we plan. Though you may not be able to hold a traditional retreat, here’s inspiration for a virtual event that gets everyone connected and moving your company to new heights.

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