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  • Banish the skeletons in your brand closet

    brush up your brandBranders often overlook or ignore things that can have a big impact on the impressions they make on their customers. Case in point: the coat closet.

    Some organizations inadvertantly leave others with a bad taste in their mouths over their closets—or lack thereof. Here's why:

  • BRANDCHANTMENT: a remedy for ailing retailers

    magic wand brandchantment mbpThere’s a lot of talk about how retailing—and other traditional business—is dead. And there’s much hand-wringing and complaining about how those big online giants are unfairly hurting brick-and-mortar businesses. 

    While some of this pressure on physical locations is unavoidable, many retailers are driving their customers right into the arms of their online competitors.

  • Customer experience behind the mask

    masked person with gloves copyCOVID has challenged us all in many ways. One of the many areas slapped squarely in the face is customer experience. Experience is more than service, and is a differentiator for brands. It’s more than saying thank you or delivering a purchase promptly.

  • Dear Valued Customer

    Woman sitting in front of laptop computer with drawings of eyes covering her real eyes"Dear Valued Customer,"

    I recently received an email with this salutation from a company where I spent a significant amount of money about two years ago. They wanted to see if I needed more of their services. They even referenced a survey that I had “recently” filled out—but actually had done more than a year ago.

  • Don't take the person out of personal service

    Where are u personal service is missingI don’t know whether it’s today’s consumer online habits or a lack of training. But I do know I don’t like it. “What’s the name?” the receptionist blankly asked me at my doctor’s office this week. Ick. There seems to be an epidemic of taking the person out of personal service.

  • Friction leads to frustration: 3 simple fixes to improve customer experience

    shiny car serge kutuzov nm unsplashMarketers polish their brands to a high gloss shine. Every word, color and font carefully honed to perfection. When marketing works effectively, leads are generated and new customers come in the door, call or go to your website.

    But these victories won’t do you any good if the customer experience falls short.

  • How customer complaints became a brand's badge of honor

    thumb Corgi MB Piland Haters

    This is a social media case study of Ryanair. If you're not familiar with them, buckle up. It's not just their planes that have "firm" ("hard") landings.

    For example, should brands taunt customers who complain? Test your knowledge...

  • What bankers can learn from Girl Scouts about customer experience

    Girl Scout Cookie for bankersSoon, Girl Scout Cookie Time will return. Over the years you’ve come to expect—and thoroughly enjoy—your purchase experience. Whether your favorite is Thin Mints or Samoas, you might think the cookies are a little pricey. And you also think they’re worth every indulgent bite.

  • What Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Can Teach Marketers About Customer Experience

    Swiftie bracelets cropped

    A MarketingMastermind

    “What if I told you none of it was accidental?"

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