TKMagazineCoverMartha Bartlett Piland writes about internal branding in the Summer Issue of TK Magazine.

"Businesses who align their external branding with their internal culture will always be far stronger than those who don't," she says.


With a unified effort, the brand becomes bulletproof:

  • Sales people are more effective
  • Employees who don't officially "sell" still promote the business
  • Great talent joins and stays
  • Customers get a consistent experience no matter how they connect with the brand

And that adds up to loyalty, more revenue and profit.Martha Bartlett Piland TK Magazine Expert on Internal Branding

Do you have an internal brand? Do your employees know—and connect to—the brand "guts" of the organization? Do they live the brand in their daily work?

Read the full article here and help your bottom line from the inside out.






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