MBPiland BronzeQuill2013Alex Reilly won a Bronze Quill from the Topeka Chapter of International Association of Business Communicators at their awards ceremony this week. Her work on the "Future Topeka" brochure was honored by judges for effective creative writing.

Alex wove a story of Topeka that showed important prospects what the community already has to offer—and where it's headed. Themes like WE ARE DOERS, and WE ARE INNOVATORS helped paint a picture of quality of life, tax benefits and can-do attitude.

"Topeka's CAN-DO CULTURE is making BIG things happen. Now's the time to be a part of something you can't get anywhere else. Come with us. You can be a doer too."FutureTopekaBrochure

Winners are not just creative and cool! Bronze Quill entries are judged by communications professionals on the following criteria: work plan, creativity and results. Great job, Alex and team!





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