KelseCummings speaking

MB Piland Advertising + Marketing recently promoted Kelse Cummings to Senior Account Associate. 

Since Cummings joined the firm in February 2022 as an Account Associate, she has contributed to the growth and health of the firm. Her responsibilities included assisting with client work, creating email campaigns, social media management, coordinating public relations and conducting research. 

As Senior Account Associate, she will take on increased responsibilities such as being the lead on client projects, actively participating in client and business development meetings and further involvement in content creation, creative development and media relations. 

Additionally, Cummings manages the National Millennial Advisory Board (NMAB) for the firm’s financial marketing division, Banktastic. Made up of a diverse group of millennials across the United States, NMAB provides valuable guidance and insights for financial brands. She conducts research with the board that helps to advise clients. Research findings are also reflected in the agency’s extensive thought leadership blog. Since Cummings began managing the board, the private social media group has grown by almost 50 percent, the rate of active participation in the group has doubled and the overall group size has grown by 45 percent. 

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“Kelse brings thoughtful perspective and strong initiative to the work we do. She’s calm and cool under pressure and always brings her A Game. And she’s fun. We’re proud to recognize her contributions and to have her on our team,” says Martha Bartlett Piland, President and CEO at MB Piland Advertising + Marketing.

A few of Cummings accomplishments since starting at MB Piland almost a year and a half ago include writing articles based on her millennial board research, leading the development and implementation of social media calendars for multiple clients, organizing and managing a focus group with millennial business owners, coordinating media relations for a major client project and tripling the average monthly email campaign readership. Cummings also played a significant role in the success of MB Piland’s 25th anniversary campaign, “Punctuating the Period.” More information here.

“I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far at MB Piland Advertising + Marketing and am eager to grow in my role as the Senior Account Associate. I look forward to learning more every day and continuing to work with an incredible team,” says Cummings.




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