You've gotta go with the co

COgraphic2Collaborate… cooperate… cohabitate… The stongest brands are a co-mingling of attributes that are co-owned and co-created by the company, the customers and the employees. 

A brand can't be all things to all people—nor should it be.

But it can be mighty important to a select group. The group that embraces it, loves it and by sheer force of will, helps it to be better. They trust, share and build the brand if the marketer listens. They are co-creators in its success and they take its power higher.

  • The marketer who co-creates with internal customers engages them deeply. These co-workers become co-conspirators in the brand's success. They have the ability to make the brand soar—and they will!
  • The marketer who collaborates with external customers builds lifetime fans. They'll feel like the insiders they are and will become deeply loyal—the co-owners of something special.

These loyal followers will attract new customers who will co-opt the brand.

The brands that are most engaging are the ones with a point of view that both internal and external customers share and own. That helps drive revenue and profit.

What can you co-develop today?

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