Do you have a credo? How having a heart matters.

Martha heart painting croppedWhile many organizations say they have heart, rare are those who have created a culture that truly inspires passion. The word ‘credo’ (I believe) comes from ‘cor do’ (I give my heart).

Do employees, customers and community give their heart to your brand? Here are some things to seriously consider:

tie a big purpose to your mission
Don’t just say you you want to make the world better. Be awe-inspiring and aligned with your brand. Be specific. Even if you’re a for-profit entity, you can have purpose that goes beyond profit. Some of our favorites:

Colaw brand supports clean waterThe Colaw fitness brand supports clean water.

  • inspiring entrepreneurs to launch and grow the economy
  • providing the clean water that eliminates infant mortality
  • equipping people to learn to their highest potential
  • promoting affordable housing in every community
  • finding the positive everywhere
  • reducing hunger in grade schools

be loud and clear
Make sure you can clearly articulate what your brand is doing so you can pull at others’ heartstrings (and your own):

  • WHO are you helping?
  • WHEN do you do it?
  • WHAT are the parameters?
  • HOW can others join your mission and help?

wear your heart on your sleeve
The ways you communicate your mission and supporting actions will vary depending on your organization. Here are some ideas to get you started:Altard States Mission posterAltar'd States' inspiring mission poster is on display near its cash wrap. (click to enlarge)

  • breakroom posters
  • social media
  • printed on invoices and receipts
  • lobby or showroom graphics
  • shelf talkers
  • employee manual
  • TV screens with short videos
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • a unique hashtag
  • the backs of your business cards
  • fleet graphics
  • staff meeting "mission moments"
  • email signature
  • phone on-hold messages

make sure you're authentic
Conduct a brand audit to be sure you're walking the walk. For instance, if you believe in equipping people to learn to their highest potential, but don't provide continuing education or tuition reimbursement opportunities for your employees, something is amiss.

Evaluate across multiple departments: observe what marketing, HR, operations, customer service and others are doing. Do their actions support—or take away from—your brand and its mission?

invite everyone to give their heart
Don’t just make it about yourself. Invite employees, customers and suppliers to get involved (like on the Alter'd States poster above). When everyone shares a belief in the movement you’re creating, the love and loyalty are guaranteed to grow as you grow together.

If you need help giving your mission and values some heart, email Martha This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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