Don't talk out of both sides of your mouth: an 11 point audit for your internal brand

Zipped lips hurt brandsKeeping your brand aligned means paying attention to the messaging and stories you tell inside your organization, not just what you say in public.

Why? Because without an intentional internal brand, your public-facing messages will never be truly authentic.

Here are 11 points to consider so you're always speaking the same language—everywhere.

  1. intranet: this is a great place to post employee shout-outs, milestones and activities that build your culture. Not only does this help spread the word across your organization, it’s a good way to get people to see function-critical info employees need to do their best work.

  2. employee evaluations: have you adopted measurable actions that support your core values? If so, they should be part of your evaluations and goal setting. Help employees know what matters—and reward them for helping you get there.

  3. staff meetings: whether you have virtual, IRL or blended meetings, you should start with a mission moment. What are you there to do? How is this meeting helping everyone fulfill that purpose? If it isn’t, re-tool it.

  4. break room, exercise room and cafeteria: do these areas support your brand and culture with the right visuals and furnishings? They should inspire and immerse people in your story.

  5. staff bulletin boards: these can be daily reminders of fun and culture in addition to the standard information that must be there. Ask different departments to alternate creating interactive, fun elements that bring everyone together.

  6. job postings: be sure that your purpose and mission shine through in your job descriptions. Everyone has “competitive wages and great benefits.” Why should that stellar candidate want to come work for you? Share your WHY and attract people who share your values.

  7. new employee onboarding: once you have them, be sure employees get a real welcome with not just the standard manual, but also a “here’s how we do things” internal brand document that helps people know how to live the brand on a daily basis.

  8. employee manual: ditto!

  9. handshake: do you have a secret handshake? Or maybe it’s a certain victory dance or special High Five when you have things to celebrate. Pay attention and make them a real part of your vibe. Document and share.

  10. holiday parties: make sure they’re aligned with your mission and purpose. Are you all about fun? Let people wear Halloween costumes to work. Find the holidays to celebrate that fit your culture—or even better, create holidays that are unique to you. These solidify camaraderie. Over time, they become the stuff of legends.

  11. retreats: are these occasions for pain and suffering or renewal and reinvigoration? Take a look at how and where you conduct staff get-aways. Be sure they’re not “the way we’ve always done it” because of poor planning. (Read our previous post about great retreats here.)

everything speaks
Say what you mean, and mean what you say. That's the way to build enduring loyalty—both inside and out.

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