Your brand’s most important sign: the exit

brand exit sign thumbnailThere's a lot of talk about displaying welcome mats and rolling out the red carpet for customers. But are you also taking care of them on the way out? Here are 6 ways to ask the right questions.




  1. Once you’ve acquired them, have you tried to keep them? Or did you get lazy and take them for granted?
  2. How do they feel on the way out? Did you do your job? Will they tell others?
  3. Are they exiting just for today—or are they exiting for good? How do you know?


  1. If they leave your employment (voluntarily or involuntarily) how are they treated on the way out?
  2. When they leave for the day, how do they talk about you to their family and friends?
  3. Do they know your purpose, vision and mission, or are they outsiders?

You've heard the expression "Don't let the door hit you on the way out." Be sure your brand isn't the one being sent packing.

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