5 Ways Santa Can Run Your Business Better

Santa Claus holding piggy bankNaughty kids get coal in their stockings. The nice kids get what they want. As a high growth business, how do you get what you want in your stocking? Here are some handy tips from Santa to fill your "stocking"—and your business—with profit and prosperity.

1) What do you REALLY want?
Start by setting concrete, measurable goals. It sounds basic, but too many entrepreneurs call "let's sell as much as we can to anyone who will buy" as the goal. Break your goal down into parts that you can measure. Articulate specifics. Revisit your goals on an ongoing basis. You may have outgrown the goals you started with.

2) Get your own Elves.
Santa doesn't work alone. He's got a team of highly skilled employees: the Elves. They have uniforms. They have a pleasant work environment. They have purpose and passion for what they do. They have a unique internal brand and take pride in it. Do you?

3) Take care of the reindeer.
Your business is more than just the product you make. How do you deliver? Spend time making sure the delivery team, customer service team and all other departments—reindeer or not—are also steeped in your company culture and purpose. They are often the face of your brand.

4) Know who's naughty and who's nice.
"Everyone" is not your customer. Look at your existing sales data to know your best—and worst—customers. Who is profitable? Who needs to go? Market to prospects who share the attributes of your best customers. Thank and reward customers who give you referrals. Reach out to your customers for feedback to see what you do well and where you can improve. Make sure that you stay on the "nice" list of your best customers as well.

5) Around the world in 24 hours? Map it out!
Santa covers a lot of ground. He can't make it without a superior plan (or magic). You can't count on magic, so it's best to have a plan in place. The plan needs to be written (not in your head) and shared with your team. Everyone needs to know the plan and their important role in executing it.

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