Tactics without strategy is just noise

toppled queenWe often encounter business leaders trying to skip to the end without doing the hard work it really takes to get there. They jump from one big idea—or consultant—to the next, looking for the shortcut to leapfrog past their competition.

They eventually fall flat because they pick and choose the things they want to do, rather than doing all the things they need to do

have a game plan
Business expert Steven Covey says "begin with the end in mind." He also says that you must have a blueprint to get there. Having the vision alone isn't enough.

  • Do you have a business plan that integrates sales and marketing?
  • Are you really working it?
  • Do your employees know where you're headed and how they must help you get there?
  • Are there proper systems in place to manage service delivery that customers expect?
  • Do you really know the customers: who they are and what they want?
  • Do recruiting and onboarding attract and retain the right employees?
  • What does it cost to acquire a new customer—and how long does that customer stay?

To all of the above questions: how do you know?

be focused
In any game, players have to make many choices. Sometimes that roll of the dice is a calculated risk taken in hopes of advancing to a stronger position. Wise players know when they can afford taking the risk, and when they should wait.

When the risk is part of an overall strategy—chosen at the right time with the right reasons—it can win the game.

But it takes sacrifice to choose carefully.

eliminate the noise
Strategy and discipline are hard work. They're the quiet that sets the stage for a winning hand. There's a specific time and place for the snazzy commercials, social strategies and PR.  But they need to come after the essential foundation of a focused plan.

That allows customers to hear you and give you their loyalty and love.

play to win
Profits and brand equity are maximized when tactics are meaningfully and measurably used to advance the organization.

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