Turning intense leadership into a high powered internal brand

Art Petty's Leadership Caffeine can jazz up an internal cultureA good read from Art Petty's Leadership Caffeine
We've all worked for intense people. Maybe you're an intense person who's had to lead a team.

Sometimes the intensity can burn, alienate team members and discourage them. So, how do you get it right? Art Petty offers four rules.

Imagine a team where the leader's lofty goals seem impossible to reach, difficult to articulate and the leader is never available for input and feedback. That leaves the team stranded and the internal brand fragile and uncertain.

Now imagine that fiery leader walking the walk, engaging the team at all levels and then empowering, encouraging them and inviting them to match his own intense focus on company goals. That's some powerful Kool-Aid, with extra punch.

Read about of Art Petty's Leadership Caffeine rules here or buy the book on Amazon.

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