Time to dance with the one who brought you

help customers fall in love with your brandThe heartbreak of going on a date with her "steady," only to see him schmoozing up the other girls at the party has a lot in common with the mob of marketing messages targeted at new customer acquisition.

All these low introductory rates and free gifts probably leave the loyal customers wondering why they aren't getting the special attention they deserve. After all, haven't they been there through thick and thin? Haven't they been the ones who have helped make the brand so successful?

Where's their thanks?'90s Flashback: Shania Twain's video Dance with the one who brought you.

Time to break up with bad habits. How about:

  • Instead of signing bonuses for new employees, give staying bonuses for the ones who have been there the longest.
  • Surprise long-term customers with a free gift or a discount and a thank you.
  • Send a real apology when there's a mistake. If it was a big mess-up, maybe include some flowers, too.

New customer acquisition is important. But don't forget the ones who got you there. Surprise that loyal customer with a little something that sweeps her off her feet.

That's an even better way to build true brand love and till-death-do-us-part loyalty. 

How's your customer retention? What's your employee turnover? Call Martha at 785.969.6203 to talk about improving your bottom line by taking care of the ones who brought you.

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