Is your brand shade-worthy?

at MB Piland we gotta wear shadesTwentieth century philosophers Timbuk3 sang "the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades..." Their '80s era music video on MTV leaves a message for leaders of this century. You have a bright future ahead, too... if you broadcast your vision in ways that are just as engaging to internal audiences.

Shades or blinders?
Everyone in the C-suite knows what's going on: where the company is headed, financial goals, benchmarks... the Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Of course they know—they're the ones who created these plans. But they can easily put on blinders that make them forget that people on their periphery can't see what they see.

Important information like purpose, brand and goals should be shared often, and in multiple ways. Using exciting visual imagery and personal connection can build passion and a loyal fan base. And when there are raving fans inside the organization, the possibilities for growth are endless.

Cloudy vision?
Maybe everyone in your organization does know the vision, but rapid growth has caused focus to wane. The influx of new hires, faster-than-normal expansion and attempts to increase production to meet demand become the smudgy fingerprints on your favorite Ray-Bans.

Those smudges aren't just an annoyance, they're a hazard. Soon, someone—or something—is going to trip and fall. Customers will know it, stockholders will know it and everyone will feel it.

Time for a check-up!
Every fast-growing company should ask:

  • Are we sharing our vision through all levels of the company with sight, sound, motion... and emotion?
  • Are purpose and brand part of daily conversations?
  • If we have multiple locations or production shifts, do we have tools to collaborate so we share ideas and enhance customer experience?
  • Are we asking for meaningful, measurable contributions from everyone to help reach goals?
  • Is HR able to articulate our vision and purpose when they're recruiting?
  • Is our business plan (at least a summary) readily available to employees?
  • Do we reward those who share the passion and help drive results?
  • Do we give regular updates to share successes and celebrate milestones?

If you're answering no to a lot of these questions, you need action steps, and you need them ASAP. Cast your vision and purpose with energy and passion. The revenue and profits will have you basking in the golden glow of success.

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