Does your brand's R-Value keep out the leaks?

Rvalue for brands means no leaksIn the building trades, R-Value is a way to gauge how well-insulated a structure is. Low R-Value results in lost energy and wasted money.

Process (or lack of it) is an R-Value for brands that leads directly to ROI.

Revenue and profits dissipate quickly when business processes are flimsy or unaligned with the brand:

Some examples:

  • the physician practice that sends out reminder cards about annual appointments, but doesn't follow up if patients fail to reschedule
  • the sales person who only pursues new business, and doesn't reconnect with past customers
  • the company who lets contracts lapse, rather than proactively seeking renewals before they expire
  • the firm that hosts a costly hospitality suite at a conference, but isn't prepared to meet prospects wearing branded apparel and armed with business cards and collateral materials
  • the company that sends a guilt-laden membership renewal letter rather than trying to find out why the member hasn't renewed in the first place

All of these scenarios represent lost revenue—and a company that's lost touch with its customers.

They are brand promises unfulfilled.

check your R Value
If your revenue and profits aren't meeting your goals, it may be 
time for a deeper look. Do you have some leaks? Where are they, and what action can you take right now?

A strategic alignment of your 
people, process and brand (inside and out) will insulate and build your bottom line.

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