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PineValleyPowerLogoBrand slogans should be more than something that sounds cool. The best ones resonate on the inside of an organziation just as strongly as on the outside. Then, magic happens: trial, loyalty... profit. Read more for some of our favorites and why we think they're great.

1. We will either find a way or make one. —Pine Valley Power
I saw this on a truck in a parking lot and it really captured my imagination. I don't know this company, but they sound strong, innovative, pioneering. They say "we" will find a way, and I can't wait to see what they do next. That must be exciting to every constituent from the inside out: employees, board, stockholders, prospects and customers. This is win-win.

2. We answer to a higher authority —Hebrew National
Another "we" tag. This says we're a brand that will never cut corners and will always give our best. We must! The higher authority could be reference to a Higher Power, or a more discerning customer. Probably both. Either way, it means that employees are the best, so that customers get the best. Sounds like a team to join.

3. We can do that —Topeka Chamber of Commerce / GO Topeka
See a pattern here?We Can Do That: GO Topeka brand created by MB Piland Topeka Chamber of Commerce / GO Topeka is known in site selector circles as a can-do organization. Prospects ask, GO responds quickly, accurately, with a smile. Have a tough challenge? They'll solve it. Can-do people doing good for the community and prospective corporate citizens. (Yes, we're responsible for this branding, and proud to say it.)

4. Imagination at work —GE
No "we" here, but I still feel it, don't you? Here's a company hiring smart, imaginative people who turn out smart, imaginative products. I like the idea of working in a place that values imagination and a work ethic. Let's roll up our sleeves and create some value!

5. Just do it —Nike
This is the stuff of legends. I can only imagine a corporate culture that has a "just do it" philosophy. Pain is just weakness leaving your body. Don't whine. Just jump that next hurdle, just beat that tough competitor. Ready, set go!

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