Proud to wear the mustache

alex reilly, internal brand, mustacheWe've all had one. At one time or another. You know what I'm talking about. A mustache. Maybe it's a milk mustache. A milk shake mustache. Or a pink Kool-Aid one. Then there's the one you get from an extra foamy cappuccino.


But once you realize it's there, you discreetly wipe it off with a napkin, tissue, sleeve—whatever is handy. No one needs to know what you've been drinking—at least they don't need to see it on your face.

But your brand is different.

Employees that are on fire with your purpose and passionate about your brand need to show it to the outside world. Your internal brand needs more than just internal fire, but a way for employees to outwardly demonstrate that they are indeed drinking your Kool-Aid.mustache, margy walter, internal brand

If you're serving your employees your internal brand Kool-Aid, do they get a mustache? Do they discreetly wipe it off before anyone notices? Or do they wear it like a badge of honor?

At MB Piland, Rubine Red (or any close version of it such as fuchsia or hot pink) is the signature color of the company. Employees often wear this color with black, and it helps us stand out, even at a distance. It's not mandatory, but it's become part of our culture. And we embrace it. It's like our own foamy cappuccino mustache, but in wardrobe.

Here are some ways that your employees can outwardly display your "brand mustache."

Have nicknames or jargon
Amazon has Amazonians, and Mars Chocolate has Martians. Do your employees have jargon unique to your organization?

Company color, style or branded apparel
Whether employees want to proudly stand out at a professional conference or a company picnic, apparel lets them express pride and loyalty. If your company supports charities in your community, apparel helps your employees stand out in the crowd and show their support for both your brand and the beneficiary of the event.

Spending time with you: Part 1
Do you have events that bring employees together? Bonding over common goals and successes is important to maintaining and boosting your team. If employees are spending time sharing information on your company intranet, asking and helping each other with questions through forums, sharing knowledge at lunch-and-learns, you're giving them an opportunity to engage more deeply with your brand.

Spending time witmb piland, internal brand, kool-aidh you: Part 2
Hosting events for employees that include their spouses, children and even other friends is another way for them to wear the "mustache" to outsiders. An annual event that celebrates company success or a holiday shows employees and those closest to them what is really most important to your organization. It's chance to give employees and their loved ones an extra serving of your brand Kool-Aid.

In your company, hopefully your employees are on fire with passion for your brand. They are drinking your Kool-Aid, and the results are stronger engagement, better performance and a healthier bottom line.


If you'd like to get your employees wearing your brand "mustache" like a badge of honor, give us a call at (785) 232-4156.

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