An ad campaign won't fix what's wrong with your team

vitaminis for your brand It’s an all-too-common malady: sales are flabby or fundraising goals are lagging, so leadership determines that a fresh new ad campaign is just the thing to make everything right.

When we start asking questions to diagnose the situation, we often discover something else: an internal problem.

You may be too close to the situation to see it. But one or more of these reasons may be at the heart of the matter:

  • your staff need training
  • you need to get out of your staff's way
  • your staff don't have the tools they need
  • you have staff members who aren't a good match for the job
  • your board members aren't behind you

You may not like it when we tell you this, because an ad campaign seems like a much easier solution. It's fun. It's glitzy. It beats restructuring personnel.

The truth is that in this case, a campaign is an expensive way to fix the wrong problem.
Before you consider a new external campaign, invest in an internally-focused campaign that ensures all your employees—not just salespeople—know your message, your Why and Reasons To Believe. Your job is helping them succeed.

step one
Give them a shot in the arm. They need:

  • talking points
  • training and a chance to practice
  • tools like presentations, handouts and memorable, branded tchotchkes
  • stretch goals
  • a pep rally
  • regular communications with benchmarks toward progress

step two
Once your internal rehab is well underway, everyone is healthy and ready for your outwardly-focused campaign. They'll make your investment in that campaign go so much further you won't believe your eyes.

Watch for off-the-chart results to follow.

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