Uncork Your Brand's Potential

Bottle for blogIf revenue and profit aren't meeting expectations, a strong marketing program can be a big boost. Stretch that marketing investment as far as possible with some simple things you can start today.


Take a Brand-ventory
Every touchpoint for your brand must align. Advertising and collateral are just a start. People, processes and physical locations must also be thoroughly steeped in your brand. Build greater momentum by being consistent and purposeful everywhere.

Pop the Magnum
Is your style guide more like a mini bottle than a magnum? If so, fortify it to include more than just your logo standards. Think about:

  • colors and fonts
  • writing style
  • use and styles of photography or illustrations
  • sound effects or environmental music

Make sure your brand style is clear, distinctive and executed flawlessly. And don't forget to integrate your company purpose and culture with the brand.

Does your brand have dust bunnies?
Inspect your internal brand touch points first. Do they meet brand standards? (We know that your brand standards are kept up to date—that's a given!) Do they create the culture that you want for employees, a culture that encourages, rewards, recognizes and helps employees flourish? For example, does your brand show up in:

  • workspace
  • work environment that considers multiple sensory perceptions (look, sounds, smells, textures)
  • break room
  • bulletin boards
  • employee "how we do it" guide (not just a legalese manual)
  • uniforms or dress code

The Emperor Must Have Clothes
Aside from letterhead and business cards, how do your employee and customer communications measure up? Are things looking a bit bare? Avoid embarrassment and make sure all sides are covered:

  • email signature
  • CD labels
  • mailing labels
  • name tags and ID badges
  • internal employee newsletter
  • company intranet
  • recruitment materials
  • company employment ads
  • yellow pages ad
  • premium items such as mugs, pens and such

"Shut the front door!"
Shut the front door and then take a look at what people see when they walk up to your business. What's the first impression? Is signage clear and well branded? How does reception look when you first walk in? What's the standard greeting? Is hospitality offered to waiting guests? Take a brand-ventory of your:

  • building exterior
  • welcome mat
  • client rest rooms
  • reception area
  • reception staff (a secret "shopper" can tell you the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • standard phone greeting (not just reception, but all employees)
  • after hours phone greeting
  • fleet graphics (and are those vehicles clean?)


For more help aligning your brand inside and out, contact us at 785.232.4156 about our Brand Alignment Diagnostic tool. It's an in-depth review of how well your company's purpose, brand and culture align with one another.

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