Get out of your own way: 3 obstacles to profit that start with you

get out of your own way to grow your brandToo many CEOs are looking for growth but can't seem to get out of their current rut. Their greatest obstacle? Themselves.

Here are 3 common examples and how to obliterate them.

1. living in the trenches

As the leader, it's up to you to establish a vision and clear goals, then trust your employees to carry the business forward. It's fun to roll up your sleeves and share camaraderie with the troops. But that hands-on work can easily become a distraction that takes your focus away from the big picture.

You need to be above the fray to see what's really happening. That's what allows you to forecast, evolve and keep your brand relevant in a tumultuous marketplace.

2. failing to listen

Decisions made based on gut instinct alone—or worse, the shiny objet du jour—are likely to fail. Listen to your employees, your customers and your trusted advisors then make a decision that's well-grounded in facts.

Don't let your gut dictate how you make important decisions. Sure, give a little credence to those gut feelings. But if you allow them free rein, you'll just end up with painful ulcers and falling profits.

3. analysis paralysis

It's smart to analyze before making big decisions. But at some point, you need to take a leap of faith. Know the facts, make a decision and move ahead. Spending a lot of time examining minutia may start to feel like important work. But be wary: if it's really an excuse to delay a decision, you are in trouble.

You will always deal with some amount of risk. It's your job to manage and mitigate. The longer you wait, the more momentum you lose—and the further ahead your competitors will be.

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Take some time to examine how well you're performing against your plan. If you're missing goals, you may need help getting out of your own way. Let's talk!

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