Why you absolutely must create theatre for your brand

theatricalmask pinkA blockbuster brand has all the elements of great theatre.

Creating drama, pageantry and excitement with both employees and customers generates raving fans who tell others.

Here’s our checklist. Do you have all the elements to create a legendary brand?

It’s your messaging, talking points, elevator speech, recruitment materials. It’s your story and it should be filled with drama, color and purpose. It is foundational to all the other elements of your production.

The CEO is the leader with the vision that directs others. The director sets the tone, then makes the artistic and technical decisions that tie everything together seamlessly. It gets hearts pounding and people cheering. But without that vision and direction, the production—and the brand—flounder.

Every frontline employee is integral in telling the story. Each has a vital role to play: doing and saying the right things at the right time. Rehearse, reinforce and make it flawless. When everyone knows their parts—leading or supporting—sales efforts are fruitful. Customer service seems effortless and profits grow.

These are the employees who are behind the scenes making everything work as if by magic. They’re every bit as important as the cast. Silently in the wings, they ensure props are in place and backdrops appear on cue. Like the cast, they are well-rehearsed. Because of them, the technology works, orders are filled, sponsors are wowed and word of mouth grows.

Well-crafted lighting, set design, props and music can leave an audience breathless. Your product or service should be presented with similar fanfare. The result: employees are energized, customers are enraptured. When you create this kind of excitement, you keep the audience on the edge of their seats, wanting more.

Don't forget the cast party
You need to give cast and crew regular feedback: how to improve their performance and how great they were. Let them enjoy the limelight for all their hard work. Then do it all again!

Are your audiences begging for more? Approach your brand like it’s a major theatrical production. We're confident you’ll be answered with critical acclaim.

If you need help energizing your crew, training your cast and building your brand to blockbuster proportions, call Martha at 785.969.6203. We're here to help!

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