Stop driving with your parking brake on

brand danger parking brake on If you ever put your car in drive with your parking brake engaged, the car lets you know it right away. Ignore the warning at your own peril.

You know not to do it to your car. So why let it happen to your brand?

Here are 3 ways you may be causing your brand to lurch, smoke and die:


1) you’re focused on tactics and not strategy
For example, instead of:


  • segmenting your customer sectors to see which ones deliver the most margin
  • building a contact management system to proactively market to profitable sectors

you're using:


  • you’ve produced a flashy new video
  • changed your logo

2) you’re buying low bidder instead of expertise
Sometimes the low price is exactly what you need. The Ikea work table may be fun and perfectly serviceable in your mail room. While someone had to assemble it, and it’s not solid-wood construction, it may be appropriate for an area the public doesn’t see.

But if you’re developing a new marketing campaign, don’t hire the low bidder if he doesn’t have any experience in your industry or understand your customers and prospects. You’ll get an order-taker instead of strategic perspective on how to reach—and speak to—those people you so badly want to have as your raving fans.

3) your employees don’t know your “WHY”
What is your purpose? Employees are not mind readers. If you know your purpose, (I hope you do) and don’t share it, you can’t expect to really be making a difference.

What are they here to do—and why? Be sure that’s conveyed internally in recruitment, onboarding and ongoing training and education. Employee evaluations should be purpose-based. Don’t just tell them to sell. Help them serve. Otherwise, they’re driving blind.

Pay attention and be proactive. If you let these things go unheeded, you’re in for very expensive repairs. (Or maybe a new car altogether.)

Quit ignoring the warning signs and get your brand in gear.

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