3 kinds of hoarding that smother your brand

hoarding hurts brandsLook into the proverbial closet of your organization. Chances are, there are a few habits or tactics you know you need to give up—but for some reason, just can’t. Worst case scenario: you have a vast store house that needs to be purged.

What’s still hanging around is weighing you down. It's a sign of sickness that needs immediate intervention.

Here are 3 kinds of hoarding that hurt your brand:

clinging to too many messages
You can’t be all things to all people, and you can’t give them 10 reasons to like your brand.

You need one simple message. In a pinch, people can remember a 1-2-3. But more than that? Your brand voice just adds to the clamor assaulting people from all sides.

In trying to say everything, you say nothing.

Be disciplined to find—then amplify—your One True Message. Watch your organization grow and prosper.

failing to let bad customers go
They’re the ones who complain about everything. The price is too high, the product is lacking. They’re dissatisfied at every turn. They’re slow pay. Maybe they mistreat your employees. Most likely, they're bad-mouthing your brand to others.

Why are you hanging on to them? Fear of losing their revenue is not an excuse.

Purge these oxygen suckers from your client list so you can devote positive energy to growing new business and nurturing relationships with current high-value customers.

Morale will improve—and so will your bottom line.

resisting tossing away outdated materials
Is your work room filled with logo’d envelopes retired 10 years ago? Are you still hanging on to that box of folders with your old tagline because they were expensive? Are you still giving away outdated corporate swag?

This does not send a message that you’re frugal. It sends confusing mixed messages about what you stand for. It makes you look tired.

Your brand deserves a clear, compelling message. Clear out the cobwebs and see the bright,  attractive new you in the marketplace.

You'll bask in the glow of more revenue and profit.

Often, less is more. Streamline and watch your organization flourish.

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