How bow ties and pocket protectors build a genius internal brand

H&R Block celebrates internal customersH&R Block has been under fire for its recent foul ups on electronic filings. But that aside, they make me feel like they're real people who love what they do—and they'll take care of me. I bet their employees feel the same way, too.

I absolutely love it when a company celebrates its employees for the world to see. HRB's current campaign showcases a bunch of its employees, positioning them as tenacious, caring, experts who will do what's right—no matter what it takes—to help every customer get a fair shake.

This campaign is benefit-driven, gives the viewer tons of Reasons To Believe and is undoubtedly creating a lot of positive waves on the inside of the organization. Every employee who sees these spots must be proud to be part of the league of nerds who will never give up on behalf of customers.

I think it's real. Note the sign I snapped today (above)—thanking an associate who has been with the company for a long time—for thousands of passers-by to see. HRB employees will love (and live up to) their brand.

Is it chicken or egg? Do the employees drive the brand, or does the brand motivate the employees? Maybe it's both. And as HRB weathers the current storm, I think their branding-from-the-inside-out approach is formidable in helping employees keep their chins up and their calculators flying.


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