Infographic: Map your internal-external strategy

Internal Brand Alignment detailPlanning for a well-aligned marketing strategy is important. When the internal brand and external brand are in sync it's far easier to build loyalty, revenue and profit. Read more for a fictitious graph and some inspiration.

Every brand needs strategies and tactics that marry internal efforts and external efforts. And the overarching glue that holds them together: values, mission, vision and purpose.

When done well employees love the brand and know their individual roles in helping move the business forward. They become the raving fans who excel at selling, serving and bringing better experience to customers and each other.


Internal-External Marketing Aligned Infographic exampleInternal-External Marketing Aligned Infographic. Click to enlarge


Chart out your marketing efforts. Bridge silos. Balance focus between internal and external audiences. Look for the holes that are keeping you from driving your business forward as fast as you wish, then fill them with smart business tactics that engage all your audiences: from the inside out.

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