The dating game: how does your brand stack up?

roll the dice when hiring?When they're hiring, lots of companies spout "great benefits" and "positive work environment" to anyone who will listen. But they don't think about the type of person they want to attract. That's right. Attract. Shouldn't it be more like dating? 

Of course they should look for qualifications and education—but I think to build a powerful, prosperous brand, it takes more than that.

What's your sign?
Interviewing is a lot like going on a series of dates to find out what someone's really like. What's your sign? What are your turn offs? What do you do for fun? What's the best movie you've seen this year? Do you volunteer? As you share more, the discussion gets deeper. That's where you find out about things that are more substantive.

Many company recruiters never think to tell prospective employees about "the real us." Maybe they go as far as a 2 hour version of The Dating Game but that's just rolling the dice.

Looking for a long term relationship
Smart companies think about recruiting like looking for a partner: seeking someone with a shared purpose. Having ideas, ideals and interests in common is much more interesting and exciting. Together, they can envision and build a rosy, long term future.

How to do better
Next time you're adding to your growing team, here are some things to think about:

  • Who are we, really?
  • What does our brand stand for?
  • How do we live that brand on the inside so it radiates outside?
  • Do we know and share our purpose and vision?
  • How do we convey all this to prospects?

One night stands are costly
Investing in smart, branded recruiting sets the stage for less turnover. And that goes straight to the bottom line.

When the chemsitry is right, both partners are healthier and happier. They both work together for the common good. They share goals and celebrate successes—and support each other when things are rocky.

Share your purpose and brand with prospective employees and seek the ones who get really passionate about it. This isn't just the job of HR. Marketing should help. Everyone who interviews prospects should understand this effort and be completely engaged. That's the way to a match made in heaven (and long term prosperity for both).

Are you engaging multiple departments in your organization to help attract the workforce that generates brand love? If you need to put some zing in your internal brand, call Martha at 785.969.6203. Let's see how we can help!

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