Don't let dirty laundry soil your brand

Dirty laundry dirty brandYou may think that because your website is updated and your new video takes your customers’ breath away that your brand refresh is spotless.

Employee behavior contrary to your brand promise will soil your brand overnight.

It can happen anywhere—at your business or literally anywhere in the world:

  • employee-directed signage with "sell up" messages where customers can see
  • employees wearing branded apparel in public and acting in ways that don’t align with the brand
  • fleet drivers being rude in traffic
  • employees airing grievances on social media
  • employees standing around and griping within earshot of customers about other customers, the boss or company policies

Sadly, we've witnessed all of these things. You probably have, too.

some things even bleach can't remove
Some infractions may seem small. But over time, the stains become impossible to remove. Keep your brand squeaky clean by stopping stains before they set in.

1) make sure your brand promise is consistently communicated internally

  • employee manual
  • performance evaluations
  • retreats and sales meetings
  • individual coaching
  • intranet
  • training

2) make sure the message comes from all areas of your organization

  • c-suite
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • operations
  • everywhere!

3) put it into practice, not just theory

  • define the actions that support your promise
  • model those actions—starting at the top
  • reward ideal behavior
  • make it a big deal

sometimes we all need to vent
Just be sure to keep it clean and under wraps.

Regular use of a laundry additive keeps whites whiter and brights brighter. Then the occasional spot treating keeps everything in tip top shape. Just what you want for your brand. 

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