7 Greek rituals that lead to victorious brands

greek letters: employees should wear the brand with prideAnimal House is probably the quintessential frat movie of all time. The outlandish actions of the Deltas are wildly exaggerated, but even so, they have important lessons for any brand–especially one on Double Secret Probation.

Throw a toga party
The Deltas know they're in trouble. Instead of getting disheartened by dwelling on the nearly impossible odds of beating the fanatical dean, they throw a party that's one for the record books.

Every leader needs to periodically offer time out for fun. It boosts morale and gives people another burst of energy that can move the organization to the next level. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be well conceived and aligned with the culture and brand.

Have a secret handshake
Whether it's literally a secret handshake or some other ritual like a certain style of high five or victory dance, little rituals like these add up to something big, especially in times of trouble. They help cement connections and camaraderie inside the organization.

They can be a quick timeout to cheer on a colleague—or make a big celebration even better.

Use a full range of rituals
All high-performance fraternities and sororities have consistent rituals that keep them strong. Every organization should. Here are a few to make a regular part of operations:

  • Founder's Day—celebrate your roots
  • Reciting the pledge—knowing and honoring your mission
  • Initiation—have a best-in-class onboarding program
  • Wear the letters—wear and display your company logo with pride

Don't be blindfolded
Dissatisfied customers and grumpy employees will eventually get any brand on Double Secret Probation.

While many are blind to it for a while, it eventually becomes known in the form of lagging sales, loss of loyalty and employee turnover. Don't let this happen to you. Instead, build a strong culture that regularly celebrates its common ideas, ideals and interests.

Secret handshakes and toga parties can lead to stronger teams and over-the-top ROI. Get started and keep the rituals going. The resulting profit and revenue will make you want to shout!

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