Why You Should Care What the Fox Says

The Fox by Victor Goodpasture ProDigital ImagingThe Fox by A. Victor GoodpastureDid I put that song in your head? You can thank me later. But first, why should you care what the fox says?

The song, a cheeky parody of today's simplistic fast food pop music, uses child-like lyrics with mock sincerity to state the obvious: "bird goes tweet and mouse goes squeak."

The sounds are so simple any child knows them (except maybe "fish goes glub"). Cultural differences aside, the underlying point is that some animals have a sound that is simple, memorable and distinct from other animals. Other animals, like the fox, do not have this sound "brand" recognition.

Is your brand like the mysterious fox? Is your brand's purpose shrouded so that your employees don't know or recognize its call?

That's a problem because it means that employees are left to guess and fill in the blanks. The results can be a disastrous mash-up of mixed messages to customers, potential employees and other important constituents.

So if your employees meet a friendly horse in the woods (or a customer or prospect), make sure they know the language of your brand. Let it ring out and stick in their heads like an annoying pop song.

Take it away Ylvis! 

If you need help with your brand sound, call MB Piland. We'll help your brand sing out.


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