Let’s Just Be Friends

its not youRelationships sometimes don’t work out, and there’s a break up. The same is true for your employees and you.

“it’s not you, it’s me”

Not every employee will be with you for a lifetime. Sometimes they leave you. When they do leave, do you know why?

exit interviews
Don’t assume that you understand an employee’s reasons for taking a position elsewhere. A formal exit interview should be conducted. It's a golden opportunity to learn about any gaps between the stated company values and culture and how they are lived out in the real world. What you should learn from the exit interview:

  • What about your company attracted the employee to join in the first place?
  • Were those expectations met or exceeded?
  • Have the employee’s expectations changed?
  • Did the company change in some way that failed to meet those expectations?
  • Did the employee understand and embrace your purpose and culture?
  • How well does the company live out its stated purpose? How can it (or you) do better?

“it’s you”

Sometimes the “perfect” hire isn’t a match for your organization after all. The time to part is as soon as you realize that the person isn’t a good fit. Stringing out the inevitable not only hurts your company, it hurts the employee. The longer you keep him, the longer it is before he can find a place where he can truly flourish.

always break up with grace
It’s important to treat employees with dignity when parting ways. They deserve it; and it’s a signal to all current employees as well.

Today he may be the employee who didn’t work out; tomorrow he’s a customer or client.

Past employees may refer the perfect match for your next hire. And there may come a time when someone’s unique set of skills becomes a match and you want him to return.

  • Never burn bridges.
  • Offer a recommendation to help find a suitable employment match.
  • After all the HR requirements have been fulfilled, say good bye, in person.

This is a follow up to "Why building employee loyalty is like dating" published in August.

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