Do these pants make my brand look big?

Skinny jeans and your brand.

Do these pants make my brand look big?
(Or, 3 things your brand and skinny jeans have in common.)

They are not for everyone.
Skinny jeans have a certain number of loud detractors. They probably have an equal number of people who are ambivalent. That’s OK.

Actually, it’s terrific. You can't force everyone to like your brand, either. If you're really trying to fit everyone, there’s not a single outstanding thing about that. It's just boring.

Skinny jeans and your brand? It's what's inside that counts.There's not a lot of loyalty to boring—and it certainly doesn't command much buzz.

When they fit, they stand out—and have devotees.
When a brand truly fits, it has lots of admirers. It's aspirational, and though some may never actually become customers, they still hold it in a place of awe. That’s great, too. The ones who do fit? They're crazy about how great you make them look!

Even when you don’t fit everyone, you can be desirable. The scarcity makes you even hotter.

What’s inside them makes them work (or not).
Just like with those skinny jeans, what's underneath really matters. Though the inside is under wraps, it creates the shape and movement that turns heads. People are attracted to a brand that's authentic through and through. That means the inner workings of an organization must really be in sync.

Make sure your inside and outside are a perfect match. It means the difference between "ow" and "wow!"

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