Are we there yet?

roundabout sign2Someone just asked me when I knew MB Piland was "there," or that our company had made it. It surprised me. I believe a high-growth company is never "there." But without an intentional plan, it's easy to get trapped in a roundabout. Here are three things to help you keep driving your brand forward.


Promote harmony in the car
On a family road trip, wails of "he's on my side!" and "she's pinching me!" can often be heard from the back seat. A smart mom arms herself against these cries with portable games, snacks and movies that she knows the kids will love.

An even smarter mom has the kids help plan elements of the trip like where to have rest stops and what attractions to visit. She finds ways to make the trip something the kids will participate in with excitement.

Is there harmony in your organization? Are you taking care of employees or treating them like a commodity? Do you ask them to help with the planning so they buy into your brand and have passion for the journey ahead?

Obey the signals
Signaling a lane change helps avert a collision. Stop lights and speed limit signs make the trip safer for everyone. They eliminate confusion.

Smart leaders share direction, brand esssence and purpose with employees. They don't just pay lip service to their brand, they live it—sending a loud, clear signal about their standards and beliefs. This creates an environment where daily decision making is easier, smarter and safer. Employees are confident and customers are well served.

Be prepared for detours
Everyone hits an unexpected roadblock at one time or another. Detours can be viewed as a hassle, or as an opportunity to see something new. It's all in the navigator's attitude. "The scenic tour" gets you off the beaten path and open to new exploration.

Some wonderful discoveries can be made along the way if you're looking for them. It's a balance: you also have to be attentive enough to dodge the orange cones.

Great leaders surround themselves with smart people—in all levels of their organization—and ask for input. They ask front line people what customers think. They listen attentively, then use those ideas to forge a new path.


Grow further
We should never actually end at a destination. As navigators, we should cultivate a certain restlessness and a drive to learn more, innovate and grow further. Let's go!


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