Branders: take that foot out of your mouth

smile for your brand The starlet (insert name) was stunningly beautiful—until she opened her mouth and became a devastating disappointment to her fans. Her foot will be removed from her mouth with the help of a good PR agent.

Branders: it’s harder for you. You have numerous people who can make your brand look dazzling—or like Hollywood’s biggest trainwreck.

If your people are all pointing in the same direction, with a unified vision and purpose to serve customers, your job is easier. But are they unified? Do they know who all the customers are?

Besides the textbook definition of customers, you and your employees have others:

their peers
Is there a culture of mutual respect and appreciation? Do they treat peers like internal customers or underlings?

suppliers andn prospective suppliers
Do employees send out bid requests then treat the hopefuls with courtesy and commitment to promises—or do they simply treat bidders like lackeys? Worse, do they just ignore bidders completely once the bids are received?

prospective employees
Are interviews held on time, with decisions made when promised? Or do the hopefuls get strung along at your mercy?

find out now
Your employees have the power to damage or build your brand from every interaction with others. If your purpose and passion are infused all throughout your internal culture, you’ll easily create ambassadors. You'll have brand-aligned touchpoints all throughout your organization... and exponentially extend your marketing efforts.

Be sure you’re investing in your brand from the inside out.

Don’t let employees taint your brand. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous the shoe: if it’s in your mouth, you have a very difficult challenge extricating it.

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