4 ways to sell without selling out

MB Piland teaches cross selling to grow salesEvery high growth company wants to continue to grow sales and profits. And whether "sales" is in their title or not, you must get everyone throughout the organization to offer more to customers. Read on for 4 examples that offer win-win help—not just selling stuff people don't need.

1. include them in a special group
Several consultants I know offer seminars throughout the year to their members. Once the consultants get to know these members, they offer small, exclusive group meetings where clients with complimentary and non-competing interests can come together to idea share and support each other in their efforts. The group meetings are facilitated by the consultant, who charges a fee.

Win-win. The small group setting is a great benefit to the members while the consultant generates more income.

2. ask the right questions
Some financial practices routinely have a yearly "checkup" with their clients. Asking questions such as:

  • When did you last update your will?
  • Should we review your insurance coverage to be sure you have enough?
  • Do key family members know where you keep your safe deposit box key?

When they have a genuine conversation—with lots of listening—good recommendations that benefit both parties will naturally follow.

Everybody wins. It's easy to sell if you think about what the client really needs.

3. demonstrate with a little "show biz"
There's a local hair salon that also sells cosmetic products. After a hair cut and style, the stylist ushers the client over to the cosmetics area and refreshes her makeup... of course, with products the salon sells. It's oh-so-easy to add on a lipstick or other product to the ticket. And the client leaves the salon looking—and feeling—like a million dollars.

Extra credit: she's a radiant brand ambassador as she puts her best face (and hair) forward.

4. reach across departments
One company we know schedules a twice-yearly check-in with their clients. The day-to-day account manager brings along someone from the C-suite and together they talk about what the client needs now—and what pressures that client is feeling for the future. This great conversation opens up dialogue that's often missed in the daily work.

The presence of the C-level person makes the client feel good because he's getting extra attention from the top. And finally, in that meeting, the client is asked who else at his organization should be approached. A recommendation from the "inside" to another department is often much better received than a cold call. It's a good way to make new business inroads within a large organization.

make it part of your protocol
These techniques fit companies of all sizes. And they really work with daily focus and action. After all, whether you're B-to-C or B-to-B, great selling is personal. 

  • Brainstorm, then introduce additional product offerings (like the special groups) that benefit customers.
  • Train employees on how to ask question, counsel and help. Then reward them for doing it successfully.
  • Be sure that whatever you're doing, it's honestly aligned with your brand essence.

Make smart cross selling part of your everyday way of doing business and it won't really feel like selling. Then get ready to enjoy the new profits.

For more win-win ways to train employees and build sales with current customers, call Martha at 785.969.6203. 

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