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Why You Should Care What the Fox Says

The Fox by Victor Goodpasture ProDigital ImagingThe Fox by A. Victor GoodpastureDid I put that song in your head? You can thank me later. But first, why should you care what the fox says?

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Kill the silos, not the messenger

SizzleDoes your organization make outbound calls to support your issue or invite people to an informational event? Here's a very, very wrong way to go about it...possibly the worst voice message ever.

But it's premature to shoot the messenger.

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When the left brand doesn't know what the right brand is doing

GrandJunctionParkingTixPlease come to our fair city. Spend money at the shops—and some more with the cops.

A recent visit to downtown Grand Junction, Colorado felt like that. Mixed messages, brand, do they want me or not?

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"Don't Buy This Jacket"

10945908 sAt a glance, this seems like a gimmicky marketing ploy. But is it?

Early last year Patagonia began a campaign that discouraged shoppers from spending on Cyber Monday and told them to "buy less."

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I double dog dare you to call

double dog dareI'm not sure if this is a series of coincidences or a disturbing trend. But this week, I've had two "asks" for sizable charitable donations via email or Facebook. And I've had at least five sales people try to pitch me with a cold call via email. Really?

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The dating game: how does your brand stack up?

roll the dice when hiring?When they're hiring, lots of companies spout "great benefits" and "positive work environment" to anyone who will listen. But they don't think about the type of person they want to attract. That's right. Attract. Shouldn't it be more like dating? 

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Do your ambassadors wear the colors?

children wearing green t-shirtsRecently my children went back to school. A sheet came home asking parents to have their children wear specific colors for the first two weeks of class. The reason: our kindergarteners need help learning their colors. First it was Red Day. Then Brown Day.

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6 ways to ensure reengineering success

gearTeam Tomato has 50 ideas. Team JuJube has 65. The competition is on overdrive and the company reengineering is well on its way... or is it?

A friend just gave me the lowdown on the year-old effort at her company. It's grinding to a halt.

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Can upset employees sell Forever?

f21facebook page"Dear (employee), We're cutting your hours and your benefits. If you have questions call nameless HR person. Oh, and by the way, please keep selling our great products with passion."

That's my take on a leaked employee letter from Forever 21 as reported by Jezebel.

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How Borgification is fatal to brands

LIVELONG2Even a casual Star Trek viewer has heard of the legendary Borg. So united in purpose and mission, they were stronger than almost anyone else. The Borg were also scary, evil and incredibly nasty.

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